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What makes me tick

I was lucky enough to be born in a small fishing village in northern Newfoundland before roads and electricity. We firmly believed my dear Aunt Lys was a magic witch – as she could cure all sorts of ailments from warts to festering wounds. Her raspy voice would make us scatter from her garden where we went to steal the delicious black currant berries she used in some of her medications, her shrill screams conjuring up the dark side of her nature – so we though.

I held a belief in Santa Claus until the age of ten. I am still not quite sure.
The old Irish fishermen who lived in the cove told all sorts of stories about spirits and demons. I was steeped in the need to tell other folks all that could run wild in one’s imagination.
Since then I have lived in many places that offer a contrast and a pressing need to explore how we all live life differently yet remain essentially alike in our need for entertainment and adventure in what we read.

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I like to write; novels, songs, short stories, poems.
I was recommended to this site as a means to reach out to folks. It is probably not a good idea to just expound on some subject matter until I get a feel for where I am and what might be appropriate; advice I would have given to Alice if she would have asked.

I am new to writing novels, one complete and one being edited. That journey has insisted I explore how other folks are managing in this new and quickly evolving world of publishing. My wife still clings to the paper book, I have adopted Kindle, though I still like the feel and look of that hard cover book. It is obvious that the digital book form is here to stay and much more.

I love the idea of a blog. I have opinions on everything but will stay away from religion and politics, and maybe a few other topics that insight but never seem to add resolution.I am very much interested in the economic and technosensitivity (Not a word but should be……man’s reaction to technology). I have a business background and grey hairs to prove my involvement; and so I ponder the terrible stress of current economic conditions on folks and I am cautious to embrace all that technology has to offer.

Do I have all the answers. Not a chance. But will raise some interesting observations I hope.