It's Broken


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I like to write; novels, songs, short stories, poems.
I was recommended to this site as a means to reach out to folks. It is probably not a good idea to just expound on some subject matter until I get a feel for where I am and what might be appropriate; advice I would have given to Alice if she would have asked.

I am new to writing novels, one complete and one being edited. That journey has insisted I explore how other folks are managing in this new and quickly evolving world of publishing. My wife still clings to the paper book, I have adopted Kindle, though I still like the feel and look of that hard cover book. It is obvious that the digital book form is here to stay and much more.

I love the idea of a blog. I have opinions on everything but will stay away from religion and politics, and maybe a few other topics that insight but never seem to add resolution.I am very much interested in the economic and technosensitivity (Not a word but should be……man’s reaction to technology). I have a business background and grey hairs to prove my involvement; and so I ponder the terrible stress of current economic conditions on folks and I am cautious to embrace all that technology has to offer.

Do I have all the answers. Not a chance. But will raise some interesting observations I hope. 



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